Would You Mind Helping Me With A Bit of Housekeeping?

I’m going to assume that if you decided to keep reading beyond my title, you have agreed to help me. Thank you, and don’t worry: blog housekeeping isn’t very difficult. It’s not like I’m asking you to dust my collectibles or deep-clean the carpets in my actual house.

Number One: Favorite Posts List
It has occurred to me that new readers of Suburban Scrawl as well as first-time visitors might appreciate a special page within the blog (and accessible via the menu bar at the top) called “Favorite Posts”, and I’d like your help in creating it. Obviously the idea is to come up with a list of posts that give the reader an idea about my personality and my blogging style.

You don’t have to go back and read all 1,101 posts, unless you want to. (I won’t stop you!) Ideally I’d like for you to read the ones that I have chosen so far and tell me if I’m on the right track, and also, in the comment section, tell me if there’s another post or two that you found memorable enough to include. (You don’t have to know what it’s called: just describe it for me.) This is really hard for me, because *I* know what I like, but I’m not sure if my readers like the same posts *I* like. (Does that even make sense??)

Choosing posts was more difficult than I had anticipated: in looking back, I discovered that I’ve published massive amounts of total crap. (sorry.) Anyway, the posts that made the cut so far are:

1. “Going to the Abbey and They’re Gonna Get Married”: Remember when I live-blogged the wedding of William and Catherine? Good times. It’s my most-visited post ever, in the history of Suburban Scrawl.

2. “Getting All Giddy About Foreigners”: This explains my foreign fetish in great detail.

3. “There’s Just No Getting Rid of the Elephant in the Room”: As embarrassing as it was to have gone completely ballistic when my very little boys didn’t want to go on the Dumbo ride, it’s a hilarious story. So my husband says. Ba-dum-bump!

4. “Go Big or Go Home”: This post about how my sister and I put on the best bake sale ever really explains the way I live my life in general.

5. “Does This Dog Look Like a Killer?”: Yes, I posted this yesterday. Sue me: it’s one of my favorite posts ever!

6. “Saturday Night Special: Embracing the Pain”: This was the epic post in which I took a crazy (and very real) Twitter conversation I had with my buddy Momo and turned it into an animated short.

7. “Traveling the Space-Time Continuum”: Just a sweet post about how time flies when you’re a parent.

So, tell me what you think, and tell me if you have any additional ideas, if you would be so kind. I’m torn: I don’t think this line-up is well-rounded, but I’m a little stuck.

Or should I trash the idea of posting a “Favorite Posts” page altogether? You tell me.

Number Two: Subscribe, Please?
Maybe I should have made this “number one”, because I probably lost about 88% of you after that “Favorite Post” business.

I just wanted to put it out there that if you’d like to subscribe to this here blog (in the reader of your choice, or even by email!), you can click here to be magically whisked away to the feed subscription page. Eventually I’m going to add a thingie (<---technical term) to the top of each of my posts that says “Hey! Why not subscribe??” or something just as friendly and pleading at the same time, but for now, here’s your personal invitation:

You are hereby invited to subscribe to Suburban Scrawl! I’d LOVE for you to be my subscribed reader. Why not, right? I mean, what do you have to lose? (Nothing.) I think you should just commit to me already. Come on. Let’s make it official. Click here. Thank you.

Number Three: You Might Be Missing Out.
Did you know I have another blog, on Tumblr? It’s called “Suburb Scraw” and my tagline is “Keeping it short.” When I find pop culture items I want to share OR if I have a fun picture or story that is too short for Suburban Scrawl and too long for Twitter, I put it up at Suburb Scraw. If you have a Tumblr account, you can follow Suburb Scraw and it’ll show up in your Dashboard over there, along with everyone else you follow. (Oh, and if you’re on Tumblr, let me know in comments so I can follow you!) If you don’t have a Tumblr account, you can just click over there anytime your little heart desires, and you can also subscribe to it in a reader, if you’d like. To get there directly from here, click on the red star at the top right that has the pretty flower in it. (That’s Tumblr’s old logo.)

See? That wasn’t so bad, right?

Now to find someone to dust my collectibles and deep-clean the carpets in my actual house…

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for reading Suburban Scrawl. I appreciate each and every one of you, whether or not you subscribe, comment, or tell every single one of your friends and family members about me. I love you, you readers you! Seriously. Mwah!


  • TheNextMartha

    I like the fav post thing. I have mine listed on a little widget I think? Who knows. Anyways. I think I do subscribe. At least I see my little face over there—————->

  • Mom24@4evermom

    Hmm, I don’t see my face over there, but I know I do subscribe…maybe directly?? Anyway, I like your list a lot, but I’ll give it some thought to see if there’s more. I know I’ve enjoyed your parenting posts over the years. (Yikes! Years!!)

  • Headless Mom

    I subscribe by rss.

    Oh, and the dog post from the other day was great. Go with that, the most popular of the others, and then you can change them later if you want!

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Well, for as long as I’ve been reading your blog I have to shamefully admit that other than the Dumbo post I don’t think I’ve read those others!!! O_O So because I’m subscribed (though how much good has THAT done me?) and I follow you on Tumblr, I am taking this slow afternoon at work to enjoy your “best of” posts. Cuz if there’s one thing I know about you its that if you think its funny/entertaining, chances are high that I will, too!

  • Heather

    I do subscribe & I remember the Dumbo post clearly- it is HILAR. I love all your favorites & will have to go through your blog some more when I’m at work & not using my phone as internet!

  • Tara R.

    I’m a sucker for your mom/kids posts, so I’d vote for #7. You’re already in my Reader and I follow you like a crazed stalker. I did not however, know about your Tumblr page. I will rectify that oversight.