Question of the Day: Got Gas?

I’m borrowing the “Question of the Day” format that my buddy Momo Fali uses on occasion, not only because it works in this case but because Momo often feels like bad/odd/embarrassing/uncomfortable situations seek her out somehow, and, well, just read this.

You know how you go out of town for Parent Weekend at your kid’s college, and you have an awesome time taking him out to Target, and to eat, and to the football game, and to Casino Night, and then when you get up the next day you take him to breakfast and hug him goodbye and then go to fill up the gas tank before you get back on the road for the ninety-minute drive home, and your wonderful husband gets out of the car to start pumping the gas so you don’t have to and then he tells you that he is going to run in to get a drink and go to the bathroom (not necessarily in that order) and because you are still getting over a bad cold (which means your mind is a little bit fuzzy about three-quarters of the time), you are sitting there in the car next to the pump and you think to yourself as you look at the pump, “It’s done; why am I sitting here? I should move out of the way and pull straight forward to park next to the building so someone else can use this pump”, and then you start the car and slowly pull away from the gas pump, only to hear a horrible noise that was caused because the nozzle was still attached to your car and by driving away you have yanked it away from the pump to which it was formerly attached, and then you have to go tell an employee that you BROKE THE GAS PUMP while you try not to shrink into a person the size of a thimble, and then you have to explain the whole thing to your husband, who is cluelessly standing in line with his bottle of Cherry Coke and wonders why all of the color has left your face, and then you hand him the keys and sob like crazy?

Yeah, me too.