The Brits Are Coming! Hits The U.S.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: I have a foreign fetish, especially when it comes to two countries in particular. England is one of them. My fascination started with the royals back in the Charles and Di days but gradually spread to other areas as well, like Duran Duran and the others who were a part of the ’80s British Invasion. As an adult, I finally got to England for my first time in 2006 and would love to go back NOW.

British fashion? Never thought much about it. HOWEVER, that was before I had heard of, a British company now accessible to us in the United States, has some pretty fantastic clothing for women AND men. I found myself drooling a little bit almost immediately when I began clicking through the site, finding three dresses right off the bat that I’m putting on my “to-get list”. If the girl can’t get to England, maybe England can get to the girl?

What’s pretty awesome is that United States customers pay only $8.99 for shipping, but shipping is free when you spend more than $98. Also, you can expect your package in about five days! (They have a 28-day return policy, in case you wondered!)

If you need a little more incentive to check it out, click here to be whisked away to a little widget where you can sign up for a VIP discount: 20% off everything, over and above Black Friday. DID YOU HEAR ME? It’s a great deal, and you know you’re always looking for discounts. I know I am.

So, a VERY hearty welcome to the United States,!

And now? Melisa needs a new dress…off to shop!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for this post (trying to save up for that trip to the U.K., you know), but words and opinions are mine.


  • Gwendelyn

    Never recieved my item
    I am referring to the north american version of the website. I had purchased 2 items at the same time in March. Only one has ever shown up and it is now 3 months later. I emailed the company several times with no response or refund! They essentially stole $66 frrom me.

    I am a working professional who has used online shops, such as ebay, beyond the, or amazon, and have NEVER had to deal with the seller ignoring the fact that I never go the items purchased! I would never recommend this site to anyone.