Holiday Gifts

I have written many times about my distaste for so many aspects of various holidays, from the decorating to the stress to the retail store overload, to, well, all kinds of things. In fact, the last post I wrote on the topic was less than two weeks ago.

That said, when both of my sons, my sister, and my husband all chipped in tonight to help wrap holiday gifts for the friends and family members we’ll be seeing later this week for Thanksgiving, my ice-cold holiday heart melted just a little bit.

I’m not sure if it was when we were giving the boys a hard time about leaving about five feet of unneeded wrapping paper on the gifts (they just folded it all over so it looked neater), when J was laughing at D for not being able to “work the tape roll properly”, when we were making fun of the dramatic, soap-opera-like ring tone on Julesie’s new phone, when J was wrapping my dad’s gift in a box inside of another box inside of another box, or just the hour of laughter in general as we were all working towards the same goal. Whatever it was, I was smiling huge.

THIS part of the holidays? I’ll take it, any day of the week.

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