Time For Fitness

I get this a lot: “OMG Melisa! You’re so busy, and yet you still exercise! How do you find time??”

Answer? I don’t find time. I MAKE time for fitness. You can too, if you really think about it.

If it’s something you truly want to do, you’ll do it. Oprah does it, and she’s a pretty busy lady. (Just sayin’.)

If you’re the type of person who gets up early for work or kids, and then you’re goinggoinggoing all day long until dinner time, when you have to feed your family and then help kids with homework or clean house or have a social life, you could get up early and exercise. That’s my standard suggestion for most of my busy friends. God love ’em, you know what they usually say? “Ack! I can’t get up early enough to workout and then have my whole day ahead of me: I need my sleep!”

This is not a “can’t” situation. This is a choice. When it comes down to it, we do what we have to do. Sometimes I’ve found that people who get up early to exercise for a couple of weeks and totally despise the hour will eventually rearrange another part of their day just slightly in order to continue working out…all they needed was the inconvenience of the early alarm clock partnered with the feeling of success they get from an exercise routine.

There’s no better time to start a new exercise routine than this coming holiday weekend. You’ll have a little extra time, and you’ll feel so great when you get your body moving a few times during the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’ve got more on this topic in a guest post over at Diets In Review today…click here to check it out!


    • Melisa

      THIS made me laugh my head off, because as I typed the thing about Oprah in the post, I thought to myself, “I know Oprah USED TO…can’t be sure about right now though. Oh well…typing anyway.”

      Good one. 🙂