The Balance of Parenting

I think it’s important to have hobbies and interests that aren’t directly related to my children. I have always believed that if I focused 100% of myself on raising my kids, I would be gasping for air when they eventually went out on their own. Me, rolling myself up in the fetal position in a corner of my house when J, the younger of my two sons, waves goodbye really isn’t an attractive mental image, and so although I am a very active parent, I maintain activities that don’t rely on my kids being around. I feel like it makes me a better parent, that I have more to offer. That said, I’m always concerned about how, when all is said and done, my kids will feel about my parenting style once they are out on their own.

A local mom who was great at balancing her own interests with her family and who was in the spotlight way more than I have been (by about a million times) just passed away last week: former Chicago First Lady Maggie Daley. I admired Mrs. Daley very much, and wrote a little tribute to her over at The Chicago Moms. Please click here to check it out, but before you do, I’d love if you shared (in comments here) your success stories on juggling in your own life!


  • Tara R.

    I like taking pictures. Some times those pictures turn out pretty good. Every Saturday I take the day to go out for a photo walk. Some weekends I’m gone all day. It’s a time for me to regroup, and recharge. I love my family, but this time alone helps me relax and, I think, be a better wife and mom.