It’s Greek To Me

I was thrilled to have some time today, before and after I attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the brand-new National Hellenic Museum (which I wrote up, here), to take a photowalk around the Greektown area of Chicago. Other than going there only to eat at Greek Islands (yum), I hadn’t taken any time to enjoy the neighborhood until today. Here are some of the pictures I took, for your enjoyment. (Okay, and for mine, too.)

I loved this candle shop sign.
Halsted Street in Greektown
You know you're in Greektown when the concrete edging around the trees is in that distinctive Greek Key pattern.
Aren't the colors fantastic? I mean, I took the picture with my pop art filter but they were *almost* that vivid for realsies.
Oh Rod...
I love the bridge designer's way of incorporating the Chicago flag (and my blog design: HEH) into the guardrails.
The New Jackson Hotel. Interesting, no?
Read the WHOLE sign. Love!
All I can say to this is, YUM. Love this place.

Kind of makes you want to visit, right?

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