My Favorite Festive Workout Music Shall Be Your Favorite, Too. (Well, Maybe)

I find that most people who exercise regularly are often on the hunt for good workout music. People who know me personally ask me about it pretty often (in fact, Heather, did I ever send you that CD or is it lost on my kitchen desk??), and I love talking about workout music possibilities with anyone who will listen.

It’s been a while since I posted one of my group cycling (also, Spinning) playlists here, and thought that now would be a good time. (Technically, it’s probably not a good time: it’s probably too late. Oh well.) On the two Wednesdays before Christmas, I pull out and play my holiday playlist in the spin classes I teach.

Of course, you don’t have to be in a spin class to enjoy them. You can play most of them at your holiday party, especially if you’re having it in a dance club. Well, you know what I mean.

Here’s my music: if you want to look for it on iTunes, pay special attention to the name of the mix!

New Year’s Day–U2
Send Me An Angel ’89 (Dance Mix)–Real Life
Honika Electronica–Smooth E
Calling All Angels–Train
All I Want For Christmas is You–Mariah Carey
Last Christmas (Techno Mix Extended)–Twister
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Red Baron Remix)–Berlin Symphony Orchestra
Palladio (This is more well-known as the song from the DeBeers Diamond Commercials)–Silent Nick
Ice Ice Baby–Vanilla Ice (*Humor Me!)
Carol of the Bells (A Demonic Christmas)–DJ Demonixx
The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kutz Breaks Mix)–Berlin Symphony Orchestra)
Jingle Bells–Micro Xmas
It’s Snowing (Short Mix)–Natlife
Do They Know It’s Christmas (the original, not that icky remake)–Band Aid

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  • Renee K

    Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I am ALWAYS in search of excellent workout music. This is a fantastic mix that will carry me through the New Year be it on the bike, elliptical or doing strength training.

    You ROCK! xxoo

  • lisleman

    Ever hear of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? The have a funky Christmas song called Nutrocker.
    I think the Berlin Symphony ones were free on I-tunes last year. I have them and don’t think I paid for them.