In what was perhaps perfect timing, I finally hit the wall this weekend. I have slept more in the past two days (9-10 hours at night PLUS LENGTHY NAPS) than I normally do in about five days put together.

I credit a couple of things for this:

1. Doing nothing makes me sleepy. For a person who lives life at top speed, slowing down to no activity means one thing: Zzzzz…
2. Fighting off illness. I am the “lucky recipient” of a nasty sinus infection a couple of times each year. I’ve had a sinus headache off and on for about four days now. It’s tiring, dealing with that pressure all the time. Luckily, my over-the-counter drugs seem to be keeping things at a manageable level. Cross your fingers for me, please!
3. Post-party “depression”. It’s not really depression, by the way, but the days after a big event on which I’ve worked like crazy always feel very draining.
4. Busy year. This is Jim’s contribution, and I’m sure he’s probably right. I have been goinggoinggoing non-stop since about mid-January. It’s been a great year for me professionally, one that I have worked very, very hard for…but I have been failing in the “get enough rest” department.

What’s my point?

I don’t even have one. I’m too tired. Just thought I’d share.

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