Pictures For Sail

In light of the recent news of a cruise ship (the Costa Concordia) hitting a reef just two hours after departure, I thought it would be a good idea to point out that, though so very tragic for all involved, the accident was a freak, rare occurrence in light of how many cruises there are on any given day. I would still cruise again.

I also thought that I would bring cruising back to the positive today, by showing you more pictures from my trip. (This helps me too, since I’m in the middle of a very busy couple of days!)

Cruise hat
My cruising hat. I would NEVER wear this in Chicago, but it was magically acceptable when sailing the Caribbean.
Cruise boat
I took this one with my pop art filter as we sailed out of Miami.
Cruise shuffleboard
Shuffleboard, anyone?
Cruise golf
This couple was up on the 10th deck playing mini golf in their robes before we even left the Port of Miami.
Cruise Jim
Jim, at sunset.
Cruise flags
There's something about nautical flags that I adore.
Cruise waterslide
I love that cruise ships have water slides these days.
Cruise towel
Each night, we were greeted by a different towel animal.
Cruise comedy club
One of our favorite parts of the cruise was the comedy club. (Hint: Go check out Dan Gabriel on iTunes.)
Cruise gym
The ship's gym, on deck ten at the front of the vessel. The view made it easy to want to exercise.
Cruise elevators
Pretty elevators!
Cruise GMA
Though I normally watch Matt, Ann, and Al, watching GMA on the big screen in the morning was a good vacation substitute.

Tomorrow? Key West and Cozumel!