No News Is, Well, No News.

Thanks to all of you out there who reached out to me in various wonderful ways after I wrote my last post. I very much appreciate the comments, the shares of my post, the texts, the phone calls, the Facebook messages, and everything else. I have spent the last two days alternating between anger and exhaustion over the whole thing, yet I am still able to tell myself that this is a First World Problem, and that it will eventually work itself out.

I don’t have any news yet. In this case, no news isn’t good news; it’s just no news. I have sent additional information to Feedburner and am hoping to get a response from them and Blogger soon, though everything I’m hearing from everyone who’s ever had to deal with this indicates that this is going to be a long road that may take months. Getting Feedburner to wipe that old feed completely clean is my top priority by a long shot. I’m beyond furious that it was not actually permanently deleted as I thought it was when Feedburner gave me the prompt, “Are you SURE you want to delete this feed? This action cannot be undone.”

I did take one step forward yesterday (go me!). My plagiarist used a picture of J in one of the posts. (The picture appeared in the original post too; it wasn’t random.) I was able to find it in my Picasa web album and delete it from there so it no longer shows up on “her” blog (if she’s really a “her”). Of course, it also won’t show up on THIS blog in that same post but I’m okay with that. I can always reinsert it later. I know this doesn’t prevent screen shots, etc. and I know there could be ten other sites with my copyrighted material on it, but THIS is the one I know about and THIS is the one I can act on. I can’t worry about those things I don’t know.

I’ll keep you updated if I have a monumental breakthrough; otherwise, back to business as usual around here tomorrow!

Thanks again for your support, friends. It makes me smile.