So Random.

I’m feeling scattered today so I thought I’d spill what’s in my head here, for your enjoyment (hopefully).

1. I still have not developed our waterproof cameras from the cruise in January. This bothers me and I need to rectify that situation as soon as possible because hey, I may have taken some AWESOME pictures while snorkeling!

2. The weather is beautiful here in Chicagoland this week. It’s really interfering with my work, for two reasons: because I get easily distracted looking out the window and because Roxie stares at me constantly, willing me to take her out on a nice, long walk. She will stare at me for hours sometimes. Dogs don’t understand the concept of deadlines.

3. Speaking of Roxie, she’s having some surgery on Monday to remove a few lumpy spots on her body (common in beagles). I’m not worried about the surgery but she is going to have to wear the Elizabethan collar (otherwise known as the “Cone of Shame”) for–I’m guessing–about a week to ten days.

Roxie + Cone of Shame = Bull in a China Shop

4. Although I am completely overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list, I am really looking forward to what I’ve got going on this weekend. On Saturday I have both the “mini baby shower” for Operation Precious CARgo (if you live in the western burbs, please come!) from 11-1 at Chevrolet of Naperville and then the Chicago Food Swap from 3-5. On Sunday, Tracey and I will gather for the first time with the entire cast of Listen To Your Mother Chicago to have our first read-through. I can’t wait for everybody to hear everyone else’s stories, and I can’t wait to hear them again myself!

5. Another plagiarist in the blogosphere was caught today (well, yesterday actually). Even though the same thing happened to me on a much smaller scale and seemingly with slightly different intent (to just have posts up to make money on text ads), it’s still stealing. I know exactly how violated Amy of Amalah feels, and I’m so sorry this happened to her. I don’t understand how people can make such bad choices with no remorse or regret whatsoever until they get caught. I do love Amy’s post about it: she’s a class act. Check it out here.

6. I spent the day at the Housewares Show in Chicago yesterday with my friend Jen, otherwise known as @thenextmartha and blogger at The Martha Project. We had a total blast and checked out some great stuff, some of which I’ll be sharing with you later this week. I will tell you that if you are going to any kind of expo, you need to take Jen with you. She’s hilarious and had many of the product reps eating out of her hand with the stories she told. One of them even chased her down after we left his booth, asking if he could trade her a business card (hers) for a product sample (his). Jen brought one of her neighbors, who was really, really sweet. At one point I said privately to Jen, “She’s so nice! And wow, skinny!” Jen looked at me, mouth wide open, and said, “You know who that is, right? She’s my Reverse Fat Project!” Now, I know you have no idea what this means, dear readers, but I was in hysterics. Check out the backstory on Jen’s *other* blog, here.

7. I could really go for a pizza right now.


  • Ally Bean

    1. Please do this soon.
    2. Great weather here, too.
    3. Poor baby.
    4. Busy weekend. Have fun.
    5. Read her post. Such a ridiculous situation.
    6. Love shows like that one.
    7. Me too.

  • Grandma W

    I remember going to the Housewares show in Chicago with your Dad it was so much fun. The food show is great too.
    Let us know how Roxie does.
    I hope the Baby Shower goes well.

    Would love to see the pictures of your trip too.

    Grandma W

  • Cy

    Can’t believe the nerve of that thief who stole Amy’s work. I’m surprised no one noticed it sooner. Amy’s pretty popular! Very ballsy. Sorry it happened to you, too. That is really low!

  • Heather

    Poor Roxie 🙁 But I have to say- the thought of her wearing the “cone of shame” has me cracking up because I can only imagine how that goes over in your house! Give her a kiss for me, I miss her 🙂

    It sounds like you have a lot going on but are doing lots of great things. I really am bummed I am not closer to do the baby shower thing- I think it’s an AWESOME event and I would love to support it!

  • Tara R.

    That’s a lot of randomness going on. Nice weather can be very distracting.

    Hope Roxie comes recovers from her surgery quickly. The other dogs can be so mean about the Cone of Shame.