Update: Operation Precious CARgo!

It seems like only yesterday that I signed on to be a team captain for Chevrolet’s Operation Precious CARgo, in which twelve teams would collect donations of baby registry items for expectant military moms, but it’s over already.

We had the culminating event last night, and it was really fun. All twelve captains and all twelve military moms were invited to Chevrolet of Naperville for the party, and even though not everybody could make it (one of the moms had her baby on Wednesday!), we had a great crowd.


When we first arrived, we all had to unload our donations and bring them into the dealership.

opc donations

It was pretty exciting because there was just SO MUCH STUFF. The Driving the Midwest team had a great set-up: tables for all different categories, and we sorted as we unloaded.

baby bath and lotion

stuffed animals

misc donations

burp cloths towels

baby wipes


bottles and pacifiers

When all of the items were on the tables, we enjoyed some dinner while we learned about what Operation Homefront (Chevrolet’s Operation Precious CARgo partner) does for the troops. Hint: A LOT. They do so much for the military in the form of community service AND activities to boost morale. Click here to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Then the real fun began. We captains got paired up with a mom, and the moms got to grab whatever they wanted from the tables. We helped them box it up, and the Driving the Midwest team dragged the full boxes out of the way, writing the moms’ names on them for easy pickup on their way out.


Here’s Stephanie from Driving the Midwest, doing a great job consolidating boxes.


A couple of things on the tables caught my eye. First? These Chevy-branded baby t-shirts. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Look at them.


Handmade hats? Could they BE more adorable???


Just when the “shopping” was almost done, a woman brought her handmade patriotic pillows to give to the military families. They were lovely.

flag pillows

bless you

The thing that Jim (my handsome date for the evening!) brought up that I totally agreed on was that it’s just a shame that our country’s military families (who are already making so many sacrifices) need donations at all. There’s something wrong with that. Something to think about, you know?

All in all though, it was a great night, and a valuable experience. I really want to thank Chevrolet for asking me to become involved: Thank you!!

I also want to thank Chevrolet for loaning me a Silverado truck for a week as I drove around, collecting donations. I enjoyed the smooth ride in this vehicle: it was more comfortable than I expected, surprising being that it was probably the largest thing I’ve ever driven, ever. It’s not a super easy vehicle to use for zipping in and out of parking spaces at Target as a suburban mom like me often does, but the cargo space is unmatched. Also, when I drove it to the Chicago Food Swap I felt like a TOTAL BA when I PARALLEL PARKED that sucker. Oh yes, I did. So thanks Chevrolet, for making me feel like a total BA.


In closing (man, who ends a post like that??), I have to tell you that this good deed was one of the easier things I’ve done in recent memory, and it put smiles on so many faces. I encourage you to get out there, find a cause–big or small–and get involved. It’s a nice feeling to know that I helped someone this week.