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    We Made It Out Alive!

    As I mentioned last week, D and I had plans to go to Six Flags Fright Fest on Sunday, and we had a great time. It was wonderful to go there with no pressure to get on as many rides as we possibly could so we could feel like we got our money’s worth, since the tickets were a lovely gift. It was completely relaxing—well, except for seeing things like the blood red pool in front of the carousel at the park entry, the ghostly, creepy park decorations, and the regular people walking around with various deep wounds (and ninja stars) on their faces, applied by Six Flags employees at…

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    Find New Roads With Chevrolet? Check. And That’s A Wrap!

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet’s sponsorship of the Listen to Your Mother Show, but opinions are my own. Two weeks ago, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER national sponsor Chevrolet helped Tracey and me #FindNewRoads as we drove up to America’s Dairyland to take in the Milwaukee show in a Volt. (Such a cool car, by the way!) We had an awesome time and you can read about that HERE. This past week, we were at it again: we had a date to hit the NW Indiana show in Valparaiso last Thursday, and then yesterday (Mother’s Day) I drove back to Wisconsin, sans Tracey, to…

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    #FindNewRoads With Chevrolet and Listen To Your Mother

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet’s sponsorship of the Listen to Your Mother Show, but opinions are my own. I have written at length about LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER here, naturally, because it’s a huge part of my life. (Especially this week, OMG the Chicago show is in five days and wheeeeee!) The 32-city national series of shows that feature local writers reading their original essays about the “beauty, the beast, and the barely rested that is motherhood” is an extremely impactful experience no matter if you’re in the audience, a member of the cast, or a member of the production team. The stories…

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    From Malibu To Malibu

    If you’ll head over to my ad-free page I’ll tell you what my recent (okay, SORT OF because it’s been two months!) GM vehicle loan and solo road trip had to do with my last solo road trip. I will also answer the following questions: 1. What scared the you-know-what out of me during the drive? 2. Who did I visit on said road trip? 3. What is the most boring stretch of midwestern interstate? 4. What is the deal with women and cupholders? You’re dying to know, right? Check out my review by clicking here.

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    Road Tripping with the Chevrolet Malibu: It’s the Little Things

    Over the summer* I drove a Chevrolet Malibu for a week, through several states. (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, in case you were curious.) It was super-fun. Driving new, clean cars is ALWAYS super-fun, you know? Adding to the fun was the fact that this was my first road trip with a borrowed GM vehicle that was a car and not an SUV or a truck. Don’t get me wrong: I have LOVED driving those big vehicles, but this was a great change. It was just Jim and me, so we didn’t need a huge amount of space like we do when we’re traveling with the whole crew. The…

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    The 2012 Chevrolet Suburban: Your Best Friend On A Roadtrip!

    We just returned from a very comfy Thanksgiving roadtrip to Tennessee, thanks to Chevrolet and the 2012 Suburban. I tried out a 2011 Suburban last year (and wrote about it here) and there weren’t any huge changes between the two years so we had to get creative for my recap post. My seventeen-year-old son J and I decided to spotlight our favorite roadtrip features of the Suburban. It’s FANTASTIC for roadtrips, and I’m guessing tailgate parties too, and even…clubbing. You’ll see. I am very appreciative to J for helping me out with this one. He rocks!

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    Get Some Pampering On Black Friday From Macy’s and Chevrolet!

    Many of you have big, big plans for Black Friday, trying to find some great holiday season deals. You might even be heading out to visit stores that open at midnight on Friday! If you’re anywhere near a Macy’s in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Boston, make sure you stop there first, and look for the hospitality stations which are co-sponsored by Macy’s and Chevrolet! “Chevrolet wants to acknowledge those who devote their time and energy to making the holiday season memorable for families and friends,” said Phil Caruso, national promotions manager for Chevrolet. “We’re excited to spend the holidays with an American icon like Macy’s.” 2013 Chevrolet Malibu…

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    Update: Operation Precious CARgo!

    It seems like only yesterday that I signed on to be a team captain for Chevrolet’s Operation Precious CARgo, in which twelve teams would collect donations of baby registry items for expectant military moms, but it’s over already. We had the culminating event last night, and it was really fun. All twelve captains and all twelve military moms were invited to Chevrolet of Naperville for the party, and even though not everybody could make it (one of the moms had her baby on Wednesday!), we had a great crowd. When we first arrived, we all had to unload our donations and bring them into the dealership. It was pretty exciting…