Listen To Your Mother Chicago: Countdown To Showtime!

For the last nine days, Tracey and I have posted countdown pictures on Facebook. I think these pictures both excited and terrified our cast.

9 days2

8 days2

7 days2

6 days2

5 days2

4 days2

3 days2

2 days2

1 day2

Today is the big day.

More than six months in the making, the very first LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO is finally making its debut, at 7:00 p.m. tonight to be specific.

Where am I, mentally?

So calm I can’t even express it. If you know me well, you know that “calm” is not a word I EVER use when I’m this heavily involved in a project. (Okay, or, uh, EVER. At all.)

I know that I will be nervous as showtime approaches because I am not crazy about public speaking unless I’m in workout clothes and wearing a headset microphone (believe me, I considered this wardrobe option), but overall, even my family has noticed the zen-like attitude I’ve been carrying around in comparison with past projects.

I am so proud of the work that Tracey and I have done to make this show happen. I’m proud of our fifteen-member cast for all of their hard work, great attitudes, and beautiful writing that, face it, makes the show what it is. I’m thankful to Ann Imig for her vision and leadership, Deb Rox for her counsel, and so many other people (and companies: our sponsors have been terrific!): everyone will get a proper thank you in the post-show summary.

Right now I’m just…READY.