Spring Cleaning

I’m not sure if it’s a result of helping to deal with M’s belongings, my recent doctor’s appointment showing that my blood pressure is still way too high, or the season itself but I have the itch to declutter and reorganize again.


The ups and downs of the weather since last fall have made it necessary to keep clothing for every season in the dresser drawers, and I’m about done with using the force of my body weight to close them: they’re getting cleaned out.

The boys have clothing hanging in their closets that–I’m sure–is way too small for both of them: they wear the same size now so hand-me-downs are a thing of the past around here! I have a hard time finding hangers when it’s time to iron but I bet if I take ten minutes to go through closet contents I can fix that problem in a jiffy.

My bookshelf is cluttered with books I have wanted to read for a while but haven’t taken the time. Yes, actual books. I have Jenny Lawson’s book queued up in my Kindle but the Bloggess will have to wait because I feel the need to get started on a space-hogging traditional book so I can donate it and get it out of my house when I’m finished with it. (Besides, taking time to read might help with the blood pressure issue.)

The kitchen cabinet over my desk, which I cleaned out so thoroughly only 18 months ago that it had extra space in it when I was finished, is now overcluttered once again and I hate opening it up. Blech.

Even my days are cluttered and unorganized: Jim pointed out that I work ALL THE TIME (he’s right) and should figure out a work schedule for myself since home is my office now. I need to come up with boundaries and ways to parcel my time so that I can feel successful at the end of each day because I’m able to achieve more of that work/home/life balance that we all strive for.

Visualizing my home clutter-free and imagining myself keeping “office hours” is a little bit exciting.

I’m motivated.


*And by “let’s”, I mean just me, but I felt the need to battle cry right there. WHO’S WITH ME???


  • Toni

    My OCD self tends to go by the motto, “If you don’t find it useful or beautiful, then get rid of it.” Also, the more “stuff” you have, the more TIME you have to spend dealing with that “stuff.” When you actually look around, how much do you really need? Keeping those things in mind helps a lot.

    I recently went through my linen closet and took out everything we didn’t need anymore? How about that set of sheets that we HATE? Why did I keep them this long? Gone. Really? THAT many extra pillows? Gone. Scrubby towels? Gone. My linen closet has stayed nice and organized since. (and I donated all the “extras” to our local vet for the animals to use.)

    Same thing with my closet. Bare bones. Why was I hanging on to clothes I NEVER wear? I got rid of EVERYTHING that I have not worn in the past year. And then? Ordered a few new cute pieces that I WILL wear. 🙂

    Anyway…good luck! When it’s done, you’ll find SO much less stress in your life.

  • Dawndi

    UGH. I know. This is a goal of mine this summer. I want rid of everything that we don’t use. I foresee many trips to Goodwill this summer.

    Good luck to us! 🙂

  • Tara R.

    Clutter is the bane of my existence. I tell my menfolk that we are this ][ close to being an episode of ‘Hoarders.’ This time of year though, is freezer and fridge declutter time… in anticipation of potential hurricane power outages.

    Good luck to you… I’ve off to find recipes for the overabundance of frozen corn I’ve found.

  • TheNextMartha

    I’ve got a lot of clutter going on. We should do a swap out. I help you, you help me. Doing it together would make it suck less. Probably.

  • tracey

    I tend to go through purging stages. Not quite in one yet, but it’s on the horizon as school is finally over and I will have more free time.

  • Jenn

    Oh, honey, I feel you! I am in massive, major, never before seen decluttering, scrubbing, and organizing phase. (It doesn’t hurt that my dad & stepmom are coming to visit.) Hours a day everyday since Saturday. I’m SO over it but I just can’t stop until I do it all.

    My house is happy. My body is not.

    Good luck!!