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Dream Home

One of the things I love about traveling is checking out the home styles that are popular or traditional in any given area. This weekend I was in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, enjoying a girls’ weekend at a gorgeous vacation home, courtesy of my friend’s generous in-laws.

One morning a group of us took a walk around the resort area and I was struck by the beauty of the homes there. Several of them had so many windows that one could see all the way through the homes to the water behind them. (I love looking inside other people’s homes! But not in a creepy way!) The landscaping was generally amazing. Other homes had elaborate iron adornments, oversized porches, and other high-end features.

I took a picture of one of my favorites, this goldenrod beauty. I adore the balconies the most.

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I haven’t ever really thought too much about the features my dream home would have and in fact, our new home in Knoxville is pretty close to perfect for Jim and me right now so I’m not actively coveting homes that aren’t mine. That said, I know if I had to pick out a future home and money were no object, it would have amazing balconies like the one above, lots of space to entertain, a huge master suite, a double-sided fireplace, and cathedral ceilings. I’m sure I could come up with more in time but those came right out.

What are the features of your dream home?

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