Join The Club!

Life has been tough lately for two of my very best friends in the world, Liz and Momo. Both of them have been unfortunate recipients of terrible house-related luck and it just keeps piling on.

Exhibit A–Liz
Home: New Jersey
Go-to Motto: “You can’t make this stuff up!” (also, the generally heavy use of the acronym “FUBAR“)

On the weekend, she posted this on her Facebook page:
Scorecard: 6/26: washer & dishwasher busted. 6/28: Water main breaks, no water. 6/29 Bridge collapse, damages county water supply pipes, water contaminated. 6/30: Rec’v word cannot repair dishwasher/washer until 7/2. 7/1: Road erupts, sink hole in front of house, no water. 7/2: See 6/28.

Naturally, she kept her sense of humor and wrote about it. (Say what you want about this kind of stuff, but it makes great blog fodder!)

Exhibit B–Momo
Home: Ohio
Go-to Motto: “It’s the {insert her real last name, in plural, here}!”

Momo’s little part of Ohio is susceptible to power outages. As I recall, each summer since I’ve known her she has to go without power for days in a row. She says it’s because the trees there are plentiful and very old and big, so they wreak havoc whenever storms hit. This weekend they got it good, and of course Momo kept her sense of humor and tweeted about it:

Five to seven days? Yikes!

All of this was happening as Jim and I were shopping around over the weekend for the various things we’ll need to get our bathroom renovation going. You know, the one that we’re suddenly in a hurry to begin because we have to jiggle the faucet in the shower to get it to shut off, and we’re worried that something is going to break when we least expect it?

Yeah. That one.

I got up this morning and heard dripping in the downstairs bathroom. Turns out the ceiling sprung a leak. Our renovations start now.

I sent Liz a text: “Today I join the FUBAR ranks, as our tub is leaking into the downstairs bathroom. Plumber on the way. Dammit.”

Her response: “Oh no! Stupid plumbing. However, FUBAR club, priceless!”

I can always count on my girlfriends to make me feel like I’m a part of something special!


  • Toni

    I feel like I’ve been cursed just be reading this post!!! Bahhhhh!!! There’s always something wrong in our house 🙁 Every step we take forward, we take 5,400,901 back. 😀 Good luck!!

  • Jenn

    You know I just love being with y’all and being a part of super cool clubs and all, but I think I’ll resist induction into the FUBAR club. I don’t wanna look like a followerer or anything.

  • Tara R.

    Can I just be a FUBAR groupie, a fan of the members and not actually join?

    I’m teling ya, you all need a beach vacation. Strike that, it is hurricane season right now.

  • Liz

    What happens in the FUBAR club…ummmmm…makes for good blog fodder??? Still, I’m ordering us t-shirts!!!

  • Vicki

    I live in OH near Momo. Sucks here but you have to laugh about it. Tree through the window and hole in the roof but we still have power. YAY!

  • Joan

    You kids are scaring me and I’m listening for drips and making sure the fan and ac are still on. I really, really don’t want to join the club, a groupie, maybe.