Tie The Knot and The Tie Bar Sittin’ In A Tree…

This just in…

“Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson (along with his fiance’ Justin Mikita) has just launched a foundation called Tie The Knot. They are partnering with The Tie Bar (which, ahem, also happens to be the workplace of my son J) and will launch a collection of ties designed by Jesse around Thanksgiving. The proceeds from the ties will be divided among several organizations that advocate for equal rights in the LGBT community, including, of course, Marriage Equality. I think this is the perfect partnership! Before I go on, check out this ADORABLE video:

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A little more about The Tie Bar, other than the fact that they have an amazing seventeen-year-old guy who works there:

The Tie Bar sells more varieties of neck ties and bow ties than you will ever see in one place, ALL FOR ONLY FIFTEEN DOLLARS EACH. (They also sell pocket squares and, of course, tie bars.) Their color and pattern choices are unparalleled: truly, you can find a tie to match anything. The quality of their stuff is incredible, and it is true that once you try out one of their ties, you really won’t be able to imagine OR justify spending money on any other brand of tie. If you know someone who has to wear ties regularly for work or is just headed to, say, a homecoming dance or something, suggest The Tie Bar for them. You’ll be doing a good deed, too: J loves to be extra busy at work!

Non-disclosure Disclosure: I received nothing but love for this PSA. Just wanted to share!