No Self Esteem Issues Here…

I’m happy to report that after this exchange in the car with J yesterday, it has been confirmed that there are no self esteem issues in this house. None. Nada. Zilch.

Me: “Oh, the leaves are changing. We need to see what Julesie’s availability is in the next couple of weeks so she can take your senior pictures. Do you have a nice sweater you can wear?”

J: “Boy, DO I. I have a sweater so ugly it’s going to be great.”

Me: “Wait, I don’t want you to wear an ugly sweater in your senior pictures.”

J: “It’s ugly, but in a good way.”

Me: “What does it look like?”

J: “It’s champagne-colored with a little bit of red and blue and…”

Me: “Is it busy? You can’t wear a busy sweater in your senior pictures. It’ll take away from the, well, the whole picture.”

J: “AND my beautiful face.”

Confidence? We’ve got it!

(P.S. He is quite handsome.)