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When Children of Bloggers Grow Up…

We were sitting in the living room with my parents and my sister the other night when my younger son, who was hanging out with his girlfriend, texted me.

Jason: “Swedish Fish now come in assorted colors and flavors #DidYouKnow?”
Me: “They’ve come in assorted colors since the 70’s.”
Jason: “SINCE WHEN?”
Me: “Since always! They started packaging them in red only years ago because people always liked the red best. I used to walk to the store when I was nine and got multi-colored Swedish fish from the candy counter.”
Jason: “OMG I had no idea. RIP to all the other color fish, how left out they must feel.”
Me: “LOL! Green sucks, BTW.”

So, a couple of things about this conversation:

  1. The reason why I recall this so clearly forty years later is because walking to the Sears near my house and stopping at the candy counter to get a little bag of Swedish Fish in assorted colors (red, yellow, orange, and green) was a highlight of my childhood. (I even mentioned it in this post: click here.) I used to ask the person working if they would give me ONLY the red ones (because red truly IS the best and also it’s my favorite color), or at least leave the green ones out of my bag (they really do suck), and they were never able to accommodate me. This was probably because of inventory and store rules and probably also because I was just a nine or ten year old kid with no real authority. I promise I was polite and said “please”, though.
  2. After that hysterical text exchange with Jason, I did a little research on Swedish Fish and, because I’m fine owning when I’m wrong, I will tell you that it looks like, TECHNICALLY, the official Swedish Fish brand was originally all red and they just recently started offering assorted colors. That means (unless Wikipedia is wrong) all those years ago I really was buying and enjoying candy fish in assorted colors, but apparently they were generic fish and not brand name fish. So I think I stand corrected, Jason!
  3. The best part of our interaction that night was this:

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Please feel free to leave comments about how hilarious Jason is, because he truly keeps me laughing on a consistent basis. Also, he’ll be twenty-three on Saturday (How is that even possible?) so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, JASON! WOO HOO! Let’s text again soon. *wink*

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