Here’s Why I Think Autumn Is So Great

Call me crazy, but even though there are lots of enjoyable parts of summer, I absolutely adore autumn: it’s definitely the superior season in my opinion. Here’s why, in no particular order:

1. Sweatshirts and jeans
2. Hot cocoa early in the morning
3. The colors
4. Walking the dog without the threat of heat stroke
5. Caramel apples
6. Blankets
7. Season premieres of my favorite tv shows
8. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
9. Soup
10. My birthday

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What about you? What’s your season?


  • sandy

    I love Autumn! The chill in the air, apples at Tanner’s Orchard, as well as their apple pie, hot tea, long walks at Forest Park and Wildlife Prairie without the worry of bugs and humidity, and even football games, though I’m not a fan of the sport itself. I just like the halftime entertainment — the band and pom pons — and the way everyone in town shows up for the game 🙂 My granddaughters are excited by the decorations at the Peoria zoo and the prospect of going there at night during Halloween!


  • Shannon

    Add another vote for autumn! I love the cooler weather and the color of pumpkins. I feel and look much better in jeans and a sweatshirt than I do in shorts and sandals. And, is it just me or do people in this part of the country just seem happier and friendlier during the fall?

  • tara

    FALL!! Definitely my favorite time: leaves, rain, scarves, hats, wanting to be inside by a fireplace. It really sucks to be living somewhere that decided fall didn’t need to be a season 🙁

  • Patty

    All great points 🙂 But considering I am still wearing skirts (no stockings) and sandals…I’d say Summer! I have a problem transitioning into Fall ware. Maybe by November I’ll start wearing socks and boots…maybe! 50 degrees is still warm 😉

  • Tara R.

    Fall is my favorite season too, more so when I lived in Tennessee and could enjoy all that beautiful fall foliage. I second every item on your list, and add… Football!