• Liz

    Not for nothing, but your house doesn’t look cluttered at all. The Chicago open house thingy sounds like so much fun and I would be all over that with you. This weekend, we’re putting up our Halloween decorations (too!) and hitting up a couple of the county parks for fall-like Halloween-y events. Have a good one! P.S. I don’t know why you hate your voice, it’s really awesome and can I just say you look amazing today <—– okay, quid pro quo, you're turn.

    • Melisa

      The reason that little sliver of my house that you can see in the video doesn’t look cluttered is because when I chose to vlog, I thought about “location, location, location”! Trust me. CLUTTERED. BADLY.

      Your weekend sounds like fun too. I hope you get to go on a family hay ride because those are always fun.

      Oh, and you look amazing as well. You’re having a really, really good hair day, as well.

  • Shannon

    Your voice is lovely, but I know what you mean. I always detest hearing my own voice on video.
    I think that instead of putting the doll away, you should hide it in various spots throughout the house as a scary little surprise for your family. You know, in the medicine cabinet or the shower, on their pillows, in their favorite box of cereal. It could be like Elf on the Shelf, but creepier.
    I’ve already taken the train into the city twice this week for Chicago Ideas Week, but this Architecture Open House is tempting me to go a third time.