High School Talent Pool

I wanted to call attention to the blogs of two of my friends from high school. For some reason–I can’t figure out why–I think it’s hilarious that all three of us are blogging.

I know: it’s not funny at all. Maybe hilarious is the wrong word. Cool? Interesting?

I don’t know. All I do know is that we were good friends who were in the same AP English class senior year and now we’re blogging. I wonder how many others from that class have blogs. Okay, not really. I have never wondered that, ever.

Anyway, Cyndi writes a blog called Intrepid Mother. Cyndi has nine children (Yes, N-I-N-E) and is super-smart. She is a world traveler and really fun to be around. She accompanied her husband to Chicago last year when he had a conference and we spent the day together for the first time in twenty-five years. It didn’t seem like that much time had passed, though: that’s what happens with good friends.

Melisa and Cyndi

I like Cyndi’s blog because it’s smart, like she is. She has written about her travel adventures, the mass quantity of unmatched socks in her house, and more recently, how to make your own peanut butter.

My friend Suzanne (ahem, Suzy in high school) writes a blog called Law and Grace. Suzy (can’t help it, sorry!) is an attorney and her husband is a minister. They live in the south and have three children, including a set of twins. I like Suzy’s writing style very much, and she’s really, really funny. (Her newest post had me giggling for an hour.)

Check them out when you get a chance, and also take a look at what one of our classmates is doing with HIS time these days. I wrote about him today on my review blog.