How To Have A Beach View If You Don’t Live At The Beach

Back when I was a senior in high school, I was on the yearbook staff. I can’t remember how many of us there were (I’m guessing twelve to fifteen) but we bonded quickly and worked together really well. Most of us worked in the yearbook workroom: we were the writers, designers, and section editors of the book. The ones who didn’t work in the yearbook workroom on a daily basis? Those were the photographers. They were out and about, taking the pictures for the yearbook and developing them in their darkroom.

Yes, DARKROOM. As you may have guessed, this was well before digital was the norm: in fact our entire yearbook was designed ON PAPER with traditional tools like pencils and rulers, and without the benefit of any computer technology whatsoever.

I was always fascinated with the photographers and their pictures. They were really, really good and I often found myself wishing I had a high-end camera so I could try to take pictures like they did.

One of them, my friend Doug, has made a career out of photography. His work has appeared in more than twenty magazines and represents many different categories.

Doug has a side business, too: Sandnames. Living at the beach (lucky dog), he started using a bamboo stick to write names, dates, and other messages in the sand and then capture it with his camera. Like this:

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Sandnames are a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion (Hey, the December holidays are coming up!). Doug will either ship your custom, one-of-a-kind print to your home or, if you’d rather, upload it to your local Walgreens Photo Department.

Check out more of Doug’s work and get more information on ordering a custom Sandname by clicking here!