Let’s Work! (Or Not.)

As things start to fall into place for the 2013 season of Listen To Your Mother, the frequency of phone calls and emails between Tracey and me picks up, too.

Two weeks ago we scheduled a Google+ Hangout (we like to video conference) and things got silly enough that it was clear we weren’t going to get anything done.

So we invited a couple of friends to chat with us. One of them couldn’t make it, but the other joined in. Laughter ensued, and I got this evidence of our fun.

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Tracey and I are meeting via Google+ Hangout again tonight and I’ve already told her that we HAVE TO WORK.

That said, it wouldn’t break my heart if we end up making funny faces again. Those are good times. Just don’t tell her I said so, because I’m the taskmaster in our partnership.