On Crossed Wires

It’s super funny when you and your sister make a date to go to a friend’s house for lunch and cotton candy on a dreary, rainy Saturday, and this phone conversation happens:

*ring ring*

Jen: Hello?

Me: Hi! So…is 11:30 okay? My sister asked me what time we were doing lunch and when I told her 11:00, she thought that meant we were leaving at 11:00 but *I* meant that we had to be there by 11:00, and due to that misunderstanding we’re running a little late this morning. So is 11:30 okay?

Jen: Uh…

Me: No? Is 11:30 a problem?

Jen: Uh…*I* had 12:30.

Me: OH! 12:30? Okay, that’s even better. Does 12:30 work?

Jen: Uh…yes?

Me: Oh, haha! I must have just blocked out 11:00 on my Google calendar as “Lunch at Jen’s” so I wouldn’t make any plans, and then I thought we were running late but in actuality we had plenty of time and now I just freaked you out because you thought I was asking if we could come a whole hour EARLIER. So anyway, fantastic! Okay, 12:30 then.

Jen: Uh…yeah. Okay, see you at 12:30!