Which Would You Choose, Love Or Money?

For me, choosing between love and money is easy: I would choose love. (Not that money isn’t totally awesome, but you know.) My friends at Manilla just released this Valentine’s Day-themed video in which they asked a bunch of New Yorkers various questions relating to love, money, and Valentine’s Day, and some of the answers were pretty entertaining–like the gentleman who said, “I’d LOVE someone with MONEY.”

Watch this:

The questions were pretty thought-provoking. One of them asked “What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?” and I thought it was interesting that about half of the people didn’t have specific holiday memories and about half had very detailed memories. In my case, Jim and I don’t usually do too much on Valentine’s Day. I don’t like fighting crowds for dinner and would much rather make a lovely, romantic meal at home…but sometimes we don’t even do that: we just exchange a card or a note and move on. (That’s because every day is Valentine’s Day around here! hee hee!) After I thought about it for a few minutes, I remembered one Valentine’s Day on which we ordered heart-shaped pizzas for the whole family. That was a fun dinner: there’s something about oddly-shaped pizza that makes me smile.

What about you? Watch that video and participate in the discussion if you’d like by heading to Manilla’s Facebook page (facebook.com/mymanilla) and Twitter (@mymanilla). Share your thoughts with #OnYourMind!

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Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this lovely post (I just combined money and love in the same sentence. How’d you like that?).