We’re All Adults Here.

Major milestone in our house today.

This guy?

Ah, the sticker and goggle phase. I miss that.

Turns eighteen today.


His coming of age means all kinds of things for him, of course. Among other things, he is eligible to vote, and as he pointed out at the dinner table a while back, he can now sign himself out of school “should he need to leave early for any reason.” Ahem.

This birthday also impacts Jim and me, of course. It’s a little stunning to realize that on this, our younger son’s eighteenth birthday, we are no longer legally responsible for anyone except for ourselves. Bizarre, even.

I casually mentioned to J two weeks ago that he only had fourteen days left to break the law and not be held legally responsible. He said, “Hmm! Great point. Thanks for reminding me! Now, what should I do?

Not exactly the response I was expecting, but luckily he was kidding. He made a couple of comments over the following days like, “I wonder if I should rob a bank” and “Maybe I should beat somebody up…” (Still kidding.)

A couple of days ago, someone brought it up at the dinner table again and he said, “Hmm, how badly do I want to figure out something to do?” I responded, “I don’t know; how badly do you want us to cancel all of your birthday plans?”


Last night he was down to asking if it is legal to throw bananas at strangers. Funny guy.

The best thing about all of this is, I’ve never been given any reason to worry that either of my kids was going to do anything that would get me into legal trouble. I have, as you know, fabulous kids. Err, adults. You know what I mean. I couldn’t be prouder.

That’s all the more reason to celebrate this milestone, don’t you think?

Happy eighteenth, J. You amaze me every single day with your kind heart, your sense of humor, your smarts, your thoughtfulness, and your overall good nature. You are quite the young man and I am so lucky to be your mom. I love you!

Thumbs up for adulthood!