Dailey Method Interval Class: Icing On The Cake!

I guess “icing on the cake” is probably not the best choice of words in the case of a fitness-focused post, but that’s how it feels and it’s my blog so we’re going with it.

You all already know how I loudly exclaim on a regular basis (on Facebook, on the phone, on Twitter, in person, and even to total strangers) how much The Dailey Method has changed my life. I have written about TDM workouts so many times that I finally created a landing page for all of the posts (See the link at the very top of this page?) for any of you who might be curious.

After taking classes at The Dailey Method Naperville for around eight months now (EIGHT! I can’t believe it!), I thought it couldn’t get any better. I have this great workout that focuses on strength, form, and posture. I do it daily (ha, really. I do.). I have made too many wonderful new friends to count. I feel like the studio is my second home, and I may or may NOT have said more than half of the statements in this adorable video:

Great, right?

But wait, there’s more. A couple of months ago, Colleen and Michelle, the owners of the studio where I do my classes (who I happen to be helping on different behind-the-scenes action items like marketing) (<---That's a disclosure!) mentioned that they were going out of town for a weekend to get started on developing a new Interval class.

I was thrilled. Having been in the fitness industry for eons, I know that intervals are the best way to quickly increase cardiovascular health, burn calories, and lose weight because of the combination of low- and high-intensity moves involved in this type of workout. The idea that there would be a Dailey Method Interval class blew my mind.

And now it’s here.

The Dailey Method Interval Class

Colleen has been integral in the development of this new class and after hearing her talk about it around the studio I just couldn’t wait to try it myself. I finally got the chance, and it was EVERYTHING I had hoped it would be.

The Dailey Method Interval class has many of the same principles found in a traditional Mixed class like planks, High C curve, and Athletic V, with the addition of bigger, more dynamic movements and the altering of your center of gravity, which is what brings the heart rate up. It’s a tough, sweaty class (which also happens to be low-impact!) and I LOVE IT.

I am thrilled that my home studio is offering this new class first, and I’m so proud of Colleen for all the work she has put in behind the scenes to help get this off the ground.

If you are in the vicinity of a Dailey Method studio, I can’t recommend enough that you check them out. It might change your life!