Eating Easter Candy Does Not Equal Celebrating Easter

I’ve had some odd encounters lately, and I thought I’d write a quick post about why that’s been happening as a public service announcement of sorts.

Here’s what’s up:

1.My family is Jewish


2. We have been seen enjoying Easter-exclusive candies like Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, Cadbury Cream Eggs (the caramel ones, too), Hershey Eggs, and several others. For years, actually.

There seems to be a belief among some out there in society that it’s weird for Jews to eat Easter candy because Jews aren’t supposed to celebrate Easter.

We aren’t celebrating Easter.

The truth is, we just like the candy.

I understand that it was totally natural for the lady behind me in line at the store today to make the assumption that I must be putting together some fantastic Easter baskets with the pile of candy I had placed on the conveyor belt (after all, she didn’t know my religious affiliation), but no ma’am, I was just buying the candy. To eat. (Not just me: my whole family is eating it.)

The people who have mentioned to me or my kids that “you must celebrate Easter if you eat the Easter candy”, knowing that we are Jewish, are just…wrong.

(By the way, We eat candy canes too, but we don’t celebrate Christmas.)

My point is, a grocery trip which includes a stop in the seasonal candy aisle does not have any hidden meaning. At all.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled weekend.
If you DO celebrate Easter, have a happy one!

And pass the Peeps, please.


  • Grandma W

    OK OK already we are Jews but I think we should be able to enjoy Easter candy and any other really good candy especially if you can only get it at certain Holiday’s no matter if it is our holiday or not. We can’t help that the candy companies only make certain ones at certain times of the year that are soooo good. OK I will get off my stage.
    Happy Holidays to one and all.
    Grandma W


  • LiteralDan

    As long as you’re not eating white-chocolate crosses or something, rest assured, none of that has anything to do with Christianity, my friend! You’re eating candy that celebrates the return of spring, and new life. Just because Christians piggybacked on this old holiday years ago (not even bothering to change the name– years ago by shoehorning their ideas into the theme, doesn’t mean you should have to feel burning stares as you walk out of a store tightly clutching a sack of rare deliciousness.

    I hope you mix in a giant Fannie May cream egg along with the Cadbury ones. (Also, for the record, Fannie May jelly beans are the best jelly beans in the world, and no one who lives near their source should be deprived of them.)

  • Melisa Wells

    Yes, BUT I would say that if I were, well, anywhere, and there was a plate of white chocolate crosses, I would still eat one and not think that I was celebrating the holiday.

    I guess I just like chocolate. 🙂

    Also, 100% agree on the Fannie May jb’s!