Flat Sue’s Back, And This Time We’re Headed West!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember how my friend Sue–who I’ll call Real Sue for the purpose of this post–sent me a Flat version of herself–Flat Sue–so she could “experience” the BlogHer conference in New York last summer, sort of, since she wasn’t able to attend in person. I, with the help of several friends, Instagrammed the heck out of Flat Sue’s New York adventures. If you set aside the fact that we lost track of Flat Sue (ahem, LIZ.) for part of one evening and had to put out a “Missing ‘person’ Report” on Twitter, well, the weekend was hysterical.

Wait. Let me back up. Actually, losing track of Flat Sue may have been the funniest part of the whole weekend. Only because she was recovered.

You can read about Flat Sue’s weekend in NYC here.

I recently invited Flat Sue to accompany me on a weekend trip out west, next weekend. We’re going out for my cousin’s wedding, but we’ll also be visiting two friends I haven’t seen in two years.

And yes, I AM AWARE that I’m already saying “we” as if Flat Sue is a real person. Habit.

Anyway, I asked Real Sue to send Flat Sue with the proper wardrobe for lunch with a friend, a wedding, and something fancier just in case we run into any members of the British royal family. Real Sue followed through beautifully: she is an excellent seamstress, err, paper crafter.

Flat Sue: travel-ready!

I’m getting pretty excited for our trip: we are leaving Chicago next Thursday and returning Sunday. It’ll be just the two of us and I’m hoping that Flat Sue’s penchant for alcohol and salsa dancing won’t separate us, because Momo won’t be in town to pick up the pieces like she did last time.

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take Flat Sue to the Flat Mall to get a Flat wedding gift for my cousin and his new bride.