Pre-Prom Scare

Yesterday J and I were getting ready to go to our local formalwear shop so he could pick a tux he wanted to rent for prom. He had a coupon that he received from a fellow student and was reading the fine print.

“Discount only good on a full rental: tuxedo jacket and pants, shirt, vest, tie, and shoes.”

He looked up and asked, “So I have to get a shirt from this place too? I mean, I have white dress shirts.”

I answered, “Well, yes. Tuxedo shirts are different from regular dress shirts.” I paused for a moment and continued. “You know, they have a bunch of ruffles down the front.”

I waited for his chin to drop as he remembered the fashions from “That 70’s Show” before I told him I was only kidding about the ruffles.

He was relieved, to say the least, especially when the gentleman at the store told us he’s certain that ruffled shirts will eventually come back, but not in time for prom this year.