Tracey and I are in the last few days of preparation for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO (tickets still available HERE!). We’re very, very excited but, as is very normal when a team nears the end result of a major project, a little bit of exhaustion is starting to creep in here and there.

That’s why we couldn’t have been more thrilled to see this picture, snapped by official LTYM Chicago 2013 Photographer Sabrina Persico, which took away the sleepies and gave us the giggles. Big time.


I love these ladies.

(and you will too, whether you’re in the audience or watching on the LTYMshow YouTube channel at the end of the summer!)


  • Grandma W


    You all need to buy tickets even though you may not be able to make it. Remember there is a charity involved and they need help and part of the ticket money goes to them. So help out with buying a ticket it is for a great charity.

    See you there Sunday.

    Grandma W