I’m in Austin, Texas for the BlogHer Food Conference (Howdy!). It’s my first conference as someone behind-the-scenes, so I’m pretty excited about it. Also, I’m speaking on a panel along with Momo (BlogHer’s Social Media Manager) and Denise Tanton (Blogher Community Manager). The panel is called “For Good Measure: Search and Social Tracking and Measurements” and THIS IS BY FAR THE GEEKIEST THING I HAVE EVER OFFICIALLY DONE.

Anyway, Momo flew from Columbus to Chicago yesterday so we could fly here together. I arrived at the airport in time to check my bag, get through security, and find her gate so I could greet her. Remember the good old days when you could go to the airport and actually greet your arriving friends and family at the gate instead of at baggage claim? It was like that except I was the only one there to greet a passenger because I was the only one with a boarding pass for another flight on the same airline. We hugged, and I’m certain that her fellow passengers were super-jealous that they had to get themselves all the way downstairs in order to see their friends and families. I may have screamed, “HAHA! I got to greet you at the gate and nobody else could do that!”…but I’m not sure.

When we got ourselves situated on the plane and decided to buy the WiFi so Momo could finish up her weekly reports and I could write a really interesting blog post. Our flight time was two-and-a-half hours and WOW, what I could write with that kind of time. Then this happened:


If you can read that, congratulations: you have much better eyesight than I do.
It says that my blog (this one) is blocked because of “adult and p0rn0graphy”, except it didn’t use zeros in place of the “o’s”.

And that’s why you’ve had to read this story-that-led-to-pretty-much-nothing kind of blog post.

Come back tomorrow, though: I’ll post some pictures of Austin. Other than it being so hot that I’m melting, it’s a really cool town!