Stoopid Aweesome Indeed.

It’s rare that a day goes by on which there isn’t music playing in this house, thanks to J and his regular practice of his DJ skills. He’s hoping to get actual gigs someday, and in order for that to happen he has to work on increasing the length of his mixes. That’s why it’s not unusual for my house to be vibrating with heavy beats on any given evening, often while we’re preparing dinner.

Unlike the parents who complain about their kids’ music being too loud or annoying–I often think of those who relegate a drum set to the garage or deep in the basement–I adore what J creates. (His latest YouTube upload is HERE.) It helps that I’m a huge fan of the electronic dance genre: I am ever so grateful that I enjoy the same kind of music as he (or that he enjoys the same kind of music as I?).

Recently he bought some new equipment and has been trying out some new songs, and the other night I was sitting here being distracted from my work by a phenomenal mix. I actually got up from my spot here on the family room couch on the lower level and moved upstairs to the living room so I could be closer to the music. I can’t tell you how fantastic this mix was. I made a mental note to let him know that I wanted a recording of it when it was “ready”.

After I while I went downstairs to get back to what I was doing, but before I sat down I grabbed my phone so I could text him my request. Apparently great minds think alike, because at that moment my phone buzzed: an incoming tweet from J had just arrived:

Stoopid Aweesome Indeed.

Stoopid Aweesome indeed. Stupid Awesome, even.

Stay tuned. I’ll post the link when it officially drops.