After The Conference That Shall Not Be Named

I couldn’t believe it this morning when I checked the date on my last post and realized it’s been nine days since I’ve blogged. I’ve never been “away” that long. (Remember when I used to post almost daily? hahahaha!)

I plan to write a recap, like so many others, of my experience at “the conference that shall not be named”, but I need a little more time to gather thoughts and pictures for that. Right now I’m in the thick of my work–though you would think I would be back at normal levels of work because the conference is over, I’m actually just getting started. A big part of my job (which I love!) is tracking every single blog post mention of, um, the company I work for, and that’s why I’m not naming the conference in this post, because I have HUNDREDS of conference recaps in the queue already. I consider it a personal favor, to MYSELF.

Anyway, just for today, here are a couple of lists I wanted to share:

What I’ve Done Since Coming Home From “The Conference That Shall Not Be Named”:

1. Spent a couple of bonus days with my sistuh-from-anuthuh-mutha, including going to our second annual dinner at Wildfire and YES I HAD MY FIRST STEAK SINCE BEFORE MY HOSPITAL STAY (it was worth the wait).
2. Only enough laundry to keep myself clothed.
3. Played video games with J, but only for about fifteen minutes because you know, working!
4. Resumed my workout schedule.
5. Actual conversations with my husband!
6. Resumed drinking mainly non-alcoholic beverages, with one exception (see #1)
7. Subscribed by email to the blogs of some of my newest friends. (Not sure when I’ll get to actually read them, but whatevs)
8. Pined for my blog friends. Hardcore. I can’t even. I mean, WOW.
9. Read and documented HUNDREDS (so far) of conference recap posts for work.

What I Have NOT Done Since Coming Home From “The Conference That Shall Not Be Named”:

1. Unpacked
2. Focused
3. Folded laundry
4. Caught up on sleep
5. Opened a week’s worth of U.S. Post Office mail
6. Cleaned out my inbox: 800+ unreads and counting!
7. Been able to keep up with the recaps, which are coming fast and furious.

That reminds me, lunch break is over. Back to work for me! I’ll be back, in less than nine days. I hope.


    • Melisa Wells

      I miss you too SO MUCH and you told me about the toe already!!!!!

      (But seriously, I hope it’s feeling better and not looking so green? Also, stop pulling on it!)


    • Melisa Wells

      I’m glad I don’t have anywhere else to go for a while…but that travel itch will be back in no time, I’m sure. 🙂

  • Kathy

    Wow! That’s a lot of reading and documenting… I would love to know, after you read them all, what the common threads are, what surprises you, what stands out, etc.

    Thank you for reading my first wrap up post (more so, watching my video)! I will be doing at least one more (sorry, to add to your plate), when I find a little more time to relfect and process. In the meantime, I am enjoying others’ posts. Glad we got to see each other a few times at the conference. xoxo

    • Melisa Wells

      I’ll get back to you on trends. Happily, it’s overwhelmingly positive so the posts are a joy to read! 🙂

      Can’t wait to read your next re-cap!

  • Katie Sluiter

    Aw man. now I feel bad that I wrote a post and named the conference. I gave you more work 🙁

    But it was great seeing you AND I thought the conference was FABULOUS! I can’t imagine the work that was put in to make is so amazing!

    • Melisa Wells

      Don’t feel bad! I love reading them all! The numbers were a little overwhelming at first but I’m good now. 🙂

      Also, you are ADORABLE. Loved seeing you, too!

    • Melisa Wells


      Wow. Just WOW.

      I hope to see you soon. Tell Mike to save some homemade wine for me. HAHAHAHA!!!