I’m Giving Away Wine Charms, Just In Time For The Holidays!

You know how you have the entire family over and you want to make sure nobody drinks from your glass of wine so you pull out the box of those clunky wine charms with the rings on them but then you get annoyed because they clink around and make too much noise and also you want to use your new stemless glasses that your sister-in-law brought you as a hostess gift and you realize that your old wine charms won’t work because there’s nothing to hang them around?

I have just the solution for that kind of problem.

I received an email a few months back from a local woman named Leann who asked if I would consider writing about her non-traditional wine charms. At that time I just couldn’t fit anything else in but I checked out her website and was extremely intrigued and impressed. I did something I have never, ever done before: I asked her whether she minded if I contacted her back in the fall if I had some space on my editorial calendar and, after she said yes, stored her email for later. I am a fan of supporting locals, so check this out.

Leann makes MAGNETIC wine charms (with extra-strong rare-earth magnets), which work on pretty much any glass, stem or not! You can attach the charm to the top of the glass or, if the glass has a slope on the bottom you can attach it on the foot.

When I was ready to prepare a post, Leann sent me two sets of charms to check out up close.

Wines With Charm

(The flowers are mine, all mine! I brought the flip flops to Liz because she’s beachy like that.)

Aren’t they ADORABLE? The colors are really bright and the designs are just so sweet. I even love the packaging: it’s small, simple, and pretty: perfect for gift-giving. Pricing runs from approximately $15 for a set of six up to approximately $28 for a set of twelve. I challenge you to go to her website and NOT say, “AWWWW! These are cute!” (You won’t be able to stop yourself.)

So, guess what? Leann has offered my readers a 20% discount on her wine charms (Woo hoo!). All you have to do is enter the discount code SUBSCRAWL and make your purchase by November 30, 2013.

I’m going one step further, though: I am giving away TWO sets of snowman wine charms (Woo hoo!). Go look at them here and while you’re at it, check out the other adorable charms she has for sale (the variety is HUGE!).

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment before 11:59 p.m. Central time this Saturday, November 16. What the comment says is up to you! I will choose two winners randomly and notify them by Monday afternoon. Easy peasy!

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and check out www.wineswithcharm.com, enter this giveaway, and don’t forget about the 20% discount on purchases just by using SUBSCRAWL before November 30!

Disclosure: I was given two sets of wine charms and no other compensation in exchange for writing this post. All words and opinions are, as usual, mine!