Greetings From New Jersey!

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever (amazing how three and a half months can feel like forever!): I’m back in the same state–the same room, even!–as my sistuh-from-anuthuh-mutha. I’m so excited to be here I might possibly cry at some point.

It’s been interesting, telling people before today that I was going to New Jersey. I got questions like, “Why would you go there?” and funny looks ranging anywhere from scowling to nose crinkling to head shaking.

New Jersey has a bad rap.

In fact, I was going to embed a video of Fred Armisen portraying former New York governor David Paterson on SNL to show you how Jim says “New Jerrrrrrsey” because it’s pretty much just like that, but the whole bit is based on Paterson slamming the Garden State, so I changed my mind about that. (That said, Jim’s impression is HYSTERICAL and makes me giggle every single time. Ask him to do it the next time you see him.)

Liz is–as I imagine most New Jersey-ans (New Jersey-ites? New Jersey-ers?? I’ll ask her.) are–very aware of New Jersey’s reputation. She is very, very proud of her state and is excited to show me how awesome it truly is. I’m just as excited to see it through her eyes, but not at all because I need convincing: I’m just happy to be here, checking it out by her side!

Today, after enjoying a fantastic lunch spread that Garth (NHRN) prepared while she was picking me up at the airport, we went for a walk on Liz’s favorite path. The gorgeous fall colors blew me away.

Did I mention how excited I am to be here???

Holmdel Park 2

Holmdel Park

Liz and Melisa