Having Fun, Wish You Were Here!

I’m sure it’s not surprising to you that I’m having a blast in New Jersey. Yesterday I saw some amazing sights, including the recently built “World’s Tallest Sandcastle” (officially, even!) at Point Pleasant Beach. It BLEW ME AWAY.

World's Tallest Sand Castle at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Liz and I are out the door again in a bit, heading to Manhattan to see our sweet friend Patty from Enjoying This Life. I can’t wait! But I need to get ready to go so I have to keep this short and sweet.

Don’t think I’m leaving you without something to read, though. Go read my highly entertaining (it is!) post about how I got to return to one of the hotels my Dad managed when I was a kid, to check out Holiday Inn’s brand relaunch (and revisit the scene of one of my favorite birthday parties). I had a blast there, too!