Sunday Smatterings

I just made that title up.

Well, I make up all of my titles, but typically I will think about it for hours and often will have a title in mind before I even sit down to type out the post. Anyway, this one just shot out of my brain and through my fingers, into my computer and onto the screen. And I hate it. But it stays.

*** My feet are in Chicagoland again, at least temporarily, and I’m ready to dive into my regular work/workout/taking care of things around the house schedule. This weekend has been great for easing in: yesterday Jim and I did our workouts in the morning, spent two and a half hours raking leaves, took a nap, and then went to an early holiday party. Today has been a Lazy Sunday in every sense (I didn’t even go to the Dailey Method this morning!) and we have some fun in store for this afternoon.

*** Last night’s party was at the beautiful home of one of my Dailey Method instructor friends, and so many of my TDM friends were there. It was fun to see everyone dressed up! I loved introducing Jim to everyone, and even though I feel confident that he wouldn’t be able to remember names on a second meeting without a refresher because there were SO! MANY! PEOPLE! there, I’m so glad that he got to meet the ladies with whom I spend most of my mornings.

*** I’m so looking forward to seeing the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”, which is the true, behind-the-scenes story of how “Mary Poppins” was made. I’ll be at the theater with a group of friends led by, quite possibly, the biggest Disney fan in the universe, and we have some big plans for pre- and post-movie Disney-fied activities that make me a little giddy to think about.

*** Check out this typewriter I found at an antique shop a couple of weeks ago. I stood in front of it for a few minutes, trying to think of how I could display it in my house so that I could enjoy looking at it all the time and came up empty. It’s too bad: I so wanted to buy it! Maybe I’ll have the proper surface for one like it some day, in a different house. For now I’ll just look at the picture.

Antique Typewriter

*** When I was in New Jersey last week I thought it was hysterical that we listened to XM satellite radio in the car constantly, yet whomever programmed their playlist seemed to know where I was because it was Bon Jovi almost all the time. I’m listening to them right now because you know, great memories.

*** After it was announced that Queen Latifah would host VOTY at BlogHer in Chicago this past summer, Liz mentioned several times in the context of our conversations that she (Queen Latifah) lives in Colts Neck, New Jersey (not too far from This Full House). We went to Colts Neck on Friday and it was only THEN that I realized Queen Latifah lives in COLTS NECK and not Cold Smack, which is what I thought Liz was saying the whole time due to her adorbs Jersey accent (and probably my poor hearing). This was the conversation in which all was revealed:

Liz: “This is where I was telling you Queen Latifah lives. Colts Neck.”
Me: “Wait, what did you say? Cold Smack, right?”
Liz: “Yeah, Colts Neck.”
Me: “Wait, WHAT??”
Liz, slower: “Colts..Neck.”
Me: *blink, blink*
Liz, gesturing to her neck: “Colts Neck, like the neck of a horse? Colts Neck.”
Me: “OH. I thought you’ve said Cold Smack this whole time. Huh. Colts Neck.”

Now we all know. Queen Latifah lives in COLTS NECK and Liz’s accent is SUPER cute. And I possibly need Beltones.

*** If you’re wondering when I’ll stop talking about New Jersey, I’ll say “probably not anytime soon”. If you missed my Jersey posts from this week but only have time to read one, read my wrap-up. I’ve read it countless times now because you know, great memories.

*** Tomorrow is a big day for me because in the evening I’m leading my first LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER webinar for the new city teams. I’m finishing up my preparations for that today and absolutely can’t wait to get going with them.

*** I’m still in the NaBloPoMo game and I’m doing my best to read as much as possible, too. I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve read in the last couple of days with you, in case you need some Sunday reading.

My friend Patty shared an intimate story about her late father’s cancer diagnosis, which happened nearly two years ago. You will definitely need tissues if you click over to read, but it’s so beautifully written I couldn’t NOT share it. Patty was one of my very first blog friends and I know from reading her words over the past six years how special the relationship was between her and her beloved father. Even if this is your first time visiting her you will GET IT.

My friend (and virtually adopted middle sister because my real sister and I both adore her) Jen at The Martha Project wrote a heartbreaking, honest account of what she learned as a result of having a bipolar parent. Her perspective is, as always, so interesting to read and I love that she’s not afraid to take a break from her “normal” blog posts to write about these kinds of things because I think she’s helping more people than she could ever imagine.

Finally, my awesome friend Momo got a Justin Timberlake surprise when her husband scored some concert tickets for her and her daughter. I was more overjoyed about this than I would be if it had happened to most other people, not only because Momo is one of my nearest and dearest friends but also because when your blog’s tagline is “Forget about your troubles; come read about mine” you really deserve to get surprises like quality time with your teenaged daughter and JT in a suit and tie now and then.

Now go! Enjoy your Sunday!