Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

It’s probably not news to you, but I’m very extroverted. I can talk to just about anyone, I’m very comfortable in group situations, and I do tend to, as my sister calls it, “always choose the Fun Pass”.

(My sister ORIGINATED the Fun Pass, by the way. We’re good at Fun.)

A dear friend I’ve known since high school is not extroverted. (Nothing wrong with that!) In fact, we’ve had countless conversations over the years about how anti-social and introverted she is, in direct comparison to my place on the other end of the spectrum. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard her say, “I’m just not a ‘joiner'”, I’d have…at least five dollars.

I love that we are very different in this way but completely balance out when we’re together.

We don’t chat as often as we used to because life gets in the way, but we pop in to say hi very randomly, which I love. Yesterday my phone buzzed to let me know that a text came in, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was from her. The text said,

“I had a dream that you started driving a blue ice cream truck around Naperville. You enjoyed driving it, in case you were wondering.”

I laughed and replied,

“Hilarious! But I’m easy to please. I enjoy doing almost everything.”

Her reply made me smile, because it was a repeat of something she said to me years ago, one of the best compliments I’ve received from anybody, ever:

“You make your own party!”

So true. Because why WOULDN’T you choose the Fun Pass??