Eat Clean, Eat Simple With Good Food Made Simple!

This is a sponsored post about the “Eat Clean, Eat Simple” campaign from Good Food Made Simple and in conjunction with The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.


I have written a few times over the past couple of years about how, although I adore food and it’s much easier to just eat whatever I want without thinking about it, it’s becoming more and more important that I pay attention, not only for me, but for Jim and the boys. It’s not that I don’t have good intentions, but it’s difficult to take the time—and it does take time—to think about maintaining proper eating habits.

One thing I have going for me is that I do know how to read ingredient lists on food packaging, but not everybody does that. The “Eat Clean, Eat Simple” campaign challenges consumers to take control over what they are putting in their bodies simply by reading those lists, and avoiding foods that have a bunch of unpronounceable stuff in them. According to a study performed by Good Food Made Simple, 41% of people say they only sometimes read ingredient lists because they don’t have time (I can relate!), and one in five say it’s because they don’t understand most of the ingredients. I’ll tell you more about the campaign in a minute.

First I want to tell you about Good Food Made Simple. I hadn’t heard of the brand until The Motherhood approached me and had a sampling of their products sent to my front door. Good Food Made Simple is a national, all-natural packaged food company that makes good, clean food. The taste of their food comes from nature and not additives. They use simple foods with ingredients that come from farms, not labs. They never use artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and they never use hydrogenated oils (a source of trans fat).

The products from Good Food Made Simple are delicious and designed for convenience, which is great for a person like me who sometimes forgets to plan for meals and then loves the ability to save the day by whipping something up in a jiffy. (By “whipping something up in a jiffy”, of course I mean “toss something in the microwave”.)

In fact, I was in such a hurry to try all of the products I was sent that I didn’t think to stop and take some artful pictures, so these from their website will have to suffice, just so you know what you’re looking for. By the way, I think their packaging is amazing. The design is SIMPLE (huh), CLEAN (huh), and MINIMAL (huh!).





Oh, and um, delicious. Confession: I became a little bit addicted to their steel-cut oatmeal, and now that I know I can get it (and all of their other products!) at my most frequently visited grocery store, it’s a habit I don’t have to break. Shew. And I love that these are convenient and easy-to-prepare foods that don’t come with worry about any extra additives that I don’t want or need. Good Food Made Simple products include frozen oatmeal, egg patties, breakfast burritos, breakfast bowls, mac ‘n cheese, and entree burritos.

Now, about that campaign. The “Eat Clean, Eat Simple” campaign intends to educate consumers on what to look for when reading labels so they feel comfortable that they are eating good, all-natural, wholesome ingredients. If you’d like to check out the campaign along with some tools that will come in handy, visit There you can find:

—->An Unacceptable Ingredient glossary
—->Eat Clean, Eat Simple food myth of the week
—->An ingredient quiz
—->Coupons and a chance to win a “Clean Supermarket Sweep”, a grocery-shopping spree with a food expert to guide label reading and clean food purchasing.

Trying these foods (yum!) and learning more about this campaign myself has inspired me to—just like I do for my workouts—make the time to be more thoughtful and less lazy about the foods I eat.

And you can, too! For more information on Good Food Made Simple, you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!