Just A Moment.

Do you ever wonder why some childhood moments stick with us forever?

One that keeps randomly popping up in my head is from way, way back, when we looked like this. (The picture could be a year off, but you get the idea.)

matching pink

We had just brought our first puppy home, a black and silver dappled miniature dachshund named, well, Dapple. She could fit in the palm of my Dad’s hand, which added to her cuteness factor and our excitement over her arrival.

I might be wrong on this (and if I am I’m sure my mom will correct me in comments), but I think that my parents put a baby gate up in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room to keep the puppy on a floor that could be mopped, and so my sister and I went into the kitchen to play with her.

The kitchen was small and slightly narrow (we lived in a duplex) and my parents had recently made another exciting purchase, a dishwasher. Back then, having a dishwasher wasn’t standard. Typically you would go to Sears and buy one that wasn’t meant to fit under the countertop; it was placed against one of the walls of the kitchen like a refrigerator, and when you wanted to use it you had to wheel it over to the sink and hook the hose right up to the faucet. When the dishwasher finished, you disconnected the hose, unplugged it from the wall, and moved it back into its storage position.


I remember sitting on one end of the kitchen and my sister was on the other end. We were each trying to get Dapple to run to us, and it turned into a song fest as we took turns singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. We assumed that, since Dapple ran to whomever was singing it, she really liked that song in particular. As we went back and forth, Dapple grew more and more tired, and the singing became more and more obnoxious as we giggled and competed for the attention of a tiny puppy.

That’s it.

I think about this memory all the time and I’m not sure why.

Excited about our first puppy? Of course.
Happy childhood? Check.
Sisters not only getting along but having fun together? Yep.

Maybe it was the perfect storm; I’m not sure. All I know is that it makes me smile to be able to revisit that on a regular basis.