I Just Helped Give Birth to 13 Babies And I’m Exhausted.

After an anxious, emotional (understatement), and sleepless (mostly) weekend of laboring, Tracey and I finally gave birth to thirteen bouncing baby girls.

Well, adult girls.

And we’ve both already lost all of our pregnancy weight! Amazing, right?

The cast of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO 2014 was announced today (by us, the proud parents).

I might have even sent LTYM Founder and National Director Ann Imig a text asking, “If LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CHICAGO is Tracey’s and my baby, would that make you the grandmother?” Maybe I sent that text. (I did.)

I am so glad that the hardest part of our season is over, and now it’s onward and upward. I’m looking forward to adding another family picture to my collection:

Picture courtesy of Vanessa Druckman
LTYM Chicago 2012. Picture courtesy of Vanessa Druckman.
Rawr 2.0 LTYM Chicago 2013
LTYM Chicago 2013. Picture courtesy of Sabrina Luster Persico.