Hearing The Signal Loud And Clear

I have spent the last two and half weeks coasting through my days with only about half of my hearing.

(Nothing to see here, just a little excess wax buildup that apparently couldn’t be taken care of with over-the-counter fixes. IT HAPPENS TO LOTS OF PEOPLE. Pretend I didn’t feel the need to explain it to you in order for you to not have to worry about me.)

I finally went to the doctor today, having made my appointment after Liz and Momo repeatedly texted me things like “Go. To. The. Doctor.” and “OMG!! GO TO THE DOCTOR!” and “JUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ALREADY,” which they had to tell me via text because, obviously, I couldn’t hear them very well. The plan was always to go to the doctor EVENTUALLY. Ahem. Anyway…

Without providing all of the detail that I was only too happy to provide Liz and Momo by phone (in between all the screaming of “I CAN HEAR!! I CAN HEAR!!!”) and then Jim when he came home after work, I will tell you that getting my hearing back was AMAZING. It was literally going from “Mono” to “Stereo”. I could hear in layers. I could hear myself talking without thinking that I sounded like I was underwater or in a deep tunnel. It felt like the glory of that part in the “The Wizard of Oz” movie when everything goes from black and white to color. Seriously.

I got into my car and started singing “A Whole New World” from Disney’s “Aladdin”. No joke.

The time spent not being able to hear the world in the way I was accustomed made me crabby. It was depressing at times, and certainly very frustrating. Reminding myself often that it was only temporary helped, and when I finished at the doctor’s office and after a couple go-rounds at “A Whole New World” I decided that today is the perfect day to make a list of things I’m thankful for right now.

1. My hearing. But you knew that.
2. Having Jim home from his business trip to China. Longest two weeks ever!
3. Both of my kids are doing well at college and work. (YAY.)
4. My friends. Wow, I love my friends.
5. The ability to work at home, and to do a job (err, jobS) that don’t seem like work most of the time.
6. My new car. I love that thing.
7. Easter candy.
8. “Scrubs” on Netflix.
9. Spring is finally here.
10. Roxie and all of her goofiness.
11. “Listen To Your Mother” season.
12. Upcoming trips to Florida and New Jersey.
13. The ability to be a “half-full” kind of person about 98% of the time.
14. Remembering that it’s a really good idea to count my blessings.

I won’t ask you what you’re thankful for today, but I will say that I hope you’re thinking about it!