#FindNewRoads With Chevrolet and Listen To Your Mother

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet’s sponsorship of the Listen to Your Mother Show, but opinions are my own.

I have written at length about LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER here, naturally, because it’s a huge part of my life. (Especially this week, OMG the Chicago show is in five days and wheeeeee!) The 32-city national series of shows that feature local writers reading their original essays about the “beauty, the beast, and the barely rested that is motherhood” is an extremely impactful experience no matter if you’re in the audience, a member of the cast, or a member of the production team.

The stories and the people reading them, of course, are the stars of the show. When people think about LTYM shows, that’s what comes to mind: identifying with a story or two (or three, or four…). That’s the point. The “Me Too” effect that LTYM spreads far and wide every May is a phenomenon that even us veterans are awed by each and every time.

For those of us who produce shows, the “Me Too” effect extends way beyond the stories and deeply into the sisterhood to which we local producers and directors belong. Especially in the weeks leading up to the magical two-week period ahead of Mother’s Day–that’s when all 32 shows take place!), our private Facebook group is filled to the rim with posts about nerves, unexpected issues, and yes, even wardrobe choices. Every single post gets comments like, “Oh, that happened to us, too! Here’s how we dealt with it,” or “I am feeling the same way!!” The support between teams is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

That’s why it’s a LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER tradition for producers and directors to support their LTYM sisters by traveling to see other shows when possible. I will never forget how Becky Sewell from Madison’s show and Stephanie Precourt, then of the NW Indiana show (and now on the LTYM National Team), came to be in the audience of our inaugural show in 2012, and how Lovelyn Palm of NW Indiana came to our show last year. Their support meant so much to me. And so I like to pay it forward. For us, traveling to another show isn’t just about hearing an additional fifteen or so stories above and beyond what we cast in our own show*; it’s about being there to lend moral support to ladies who have had the same struggles and triumphs as we have on the journey from page to stage.

When I got the news that Chevrolet had decided to sponsor our shows nationally, I couldn’t have been happier about it. I have worked with Chevy for several years and am very well-acquainted with their commitment to the American family and even moms in particular. (Ahem, remember when I wrote about the Malibu Moms? MOMS! MOTHERHOOD! LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!) Chevrolet’s current slogan, “Find New Roads” is all about the freedom to find new roads as we build our lives and chase our dreams. It’s about being ourselves, being unique, and knowing that there’s more than one way to get to where we’re going.

Coincidentally, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is all about that too, which is why this partnership with Chevrolet couldn’t be more perfect. LTYM prides itself on giving motherhood a microphone and embraces ALL of the stories, unique stories all with one common thread: motherhood.

Tracey and I are finding new roads this season with Chevrolet’s help: we were loaned a Chevrolet Volt for a road trip to support Alexandra and Jenny at their Milwaukee show, and the week after next we’ll be taking another vehicle to two more shows.

Chevrolet Volt Chicago

I was pretty excited to finally drive a Volt, as it’s one of the few Chevrolet models with which I had no previous experience. To me, the Volt is intriguing. It’s an electric car that runs on a battery until the battery uses up all of its charge and then it switches to the gas tank. When it’s completely charged, you can drive approximately 38 miles, gasoline-free. (And you just plug it into any wall outlet at home!)

Chevrolet Volt

The space-age dashboard was pretty cool, and a great conversation starter when I posted a picture of it on Facebook with this caption:

“I only hope that @tracey76becker knows my family’s rule about how the driver ALWAYS gets to pick the music. It’s gonna be a fun @chevylife road trip to @LTYMshow MKE on Sunday; helping Tracey #findnewroads in music. Heh. #ad”

Chevrolet Volt

See, here’s the thing. Tracey and I agree on a lot of things. MOST things, actually. Except music. I can’t even explain how we disagree except to say that we just don’t enjoy lots of the same songs/genres/groups. She says it’s because of our age difference. Ahem.

Anyway, I was prepared to make some concessions while driving us up to America’s Dairyland: I told her we’d mostly listen to the 80’s channel, because that is a category we both enjoy.

LTYM and Chevrolet Volt

When we left my house, I played the soundtrack we made for our upcoming show through the Bluetooth connection between the car and my phone. We spent the time eagerly talking about the show we were about to see, our own show this Sunday, and, of course, lots of other things.

Tracey, being the passenger and the thereby only one who could do it safely, was our Designated Tweeter. While she did that I busied myself with singing along to the radio. It’s not something I typically do above a whisper when I’m not alone in the car, but for some reason the occasion just lent itself to singing.

Oh Sherrie

Um, and rapping. My ability to keep up with Vanilla Ice and Kanye West blew her away. I think. I mean, she SEEMED impressed, don’t you think?

Vanilla Ice

Kanye West

Along the way we made a stop at the Mars Cheese Castle, because you can’t go to Wisconsin via I-94 and NOT stop for cheese curds. Tracey hadn’t been there since they tore down the original, non-castle-like building and put up an actual castle. I loved showing that to her.

Mars Cheese Castle

Before we knew it, we had arrived at Milwaukee’s Alverno College, where we met up with some of our LTYM Chicago family members and Founder/National Director Ann Imig. We decided that we needed an #OscarSelfie to mark the occasion.

LTYM Chicago and Ann Imig

LTYM Milwaukee’s photographer took some pro photos of us and I can’t wait to see those, but the selfie really marked the spirit of the occasion. Supporting shows in other cities is SUPER FUN.

The show began and we sat in awe of the eleven stories that were told. It was just wonderful. Just like all the other LTYM shows, there were funny stories and sad stories and stories that made you think, all having motherhood as the binding agent. Would you believe that I took this picture after doing a mad, last-minute search for my phone in my bag, and got this in one shot? It was a LTYM miracle.

LTYM Milwaukee

We were thrilled for the success of Alexandra, Jenny, and their cast (including my lovely friend Colleen! Whoomp whoomp!) and now we’re in a state of high anticipation regarding our own show. We’re so excited that Alexandra, Jenny, and Colleen (and another cast member or two) are making the trek to see our show, as is Ann.

Before we drove over to the restaurant to celebrate the show with everybody, Tracey, Ann and I took some Volt selfies. Do Ann and me a favor and focus on Tracey in this picture. Ann thinks she has crazy eyes (even though she doesn’t) and I obviously have something going on with my hair (true story). Isn’t Tracey cute???

LTYM and Chevrolet

At the end of the day, Tracey climbed back into our trusty Chevrolet Volt and headed home…but our adventures didn’t end that night! Follow us on our next adventure Thursday May 8 as we Find New Roads to Valparaiso, Indiana for Lovelyn’s show! (Buy tickets here, and come and say hi!) and then I’m headed up to support Ann and her team at Madison’s 5th annual show on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11 (Buy tickets here!)!

Thanks again, so much, to Chevrolet for partnering with LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER this year, and for helping us support each other on this magical, mystical journey. We are positively overjoyed to work with you, and we are excited to Find New Roads, together!

LTYM and Chevrolet

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chevrolet as part of their sponsorship of the Listen to Your Mother Show 2014 Season. Learn more about their sponsorship at the Listen To Your Mother Show website.

*In my case this year I’ll personally be hearing THIRTY-SIX stories live, in addition to Chicago’s fifteen! Whoa.

**Need tickets to this Sunday’s Chicago show? All the info you need is HERE.


  • alexandra

    I can’t tell you HOW MUCH it means to have another producer/director make the effort to come see our show in support of LTYM. THIS IS AWESOME and made me smile ear to ear, knowing you were there for us. #FindNewRoads and keep community alive. I love Chevrolet. Thanks so much for coming.

  • Ann

    Working with Chevrolet is a match made in LTYM heaven–as we #FindNewRoads to each other (and ourselves!) through this work, through our stories, and throughout the country thanks to these awesome road trips!!


  • Colleen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Melisa, you and I would make EXCELLENT road-tripping buddies. If it’s 90s rap? Well, let’s just say the world needs more white women rapping. (I’ve road-tripped with Melissa Brodsky and let’s just say she has had the pleasure of hearing the Humpty Dance — IN LIVE CONCERT.) I’m excited to be in the midst of making travel plans to come to the Chicago show with Jenny. Did I mention LOVE?

    • Melisa Wells

      I remember the road trip you and Melissa took: wasn’t it to a small conference in NC? I would LOVE to hit the road with you! 🙂

  • Elaine A.

    This makes me even MORE excited than I was already to go to the Austin show. And! I get to take my own mother to that one too! SO excited!!

    Love all the photos! Safe travels to the other shows too! 🙂

  • angela

    What Ann said! I feel like LTYM has helped ME #FindNewRoads in my own life, right in my own community. Also, I think I would tear up the dance floor of any party you DJ’d 🙂

    • Melisa Wells

      Oh thanks! I do like my music. 😉

      Though that party would be a struggle for me: to DJ or to dance? To DJ or dance? Hmm….

  • Connie Burke

    You and Tracey could be Professional Road Trippers. All bases are covered. This partnership was truly meant to be…you do Chevy proud. And have you ever considered The Voice or American Idol? I’m not referring to DVR’ing them, either. Motor on, my friends.

    • Melisa Wells

      Thanks ConStar, and no, I haven’t considered either of those shows. Maybe I’ll just do a little rapping at Sunday’s show. I wonder if Ann would mind.

  • Liz

    What a fantastic post! I didn’t realize the Chevy Volt was also an electric car. Although electric and Volt, because I’m quick like that.

    • Melisa Wells

      Haha! The cool thing I forgot to mention is that the motor is really quiet and it doesn’t make the traditional sound when you start it up*, so when I was driving Jim around on Saturday he provided electrically-inspired sound effects. BZZZZZZT!

      *It also shifts seemlessly, so I often found myself at 70mph in the blink of an eye. Oops.