Halston*, We Have A Problem.

We moved into this house in December of 2000 and one of the things I wanted to renovate as soon as possible was the double-length closet in our master bedroom.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it, really. It was a standard his-and-hers closet with a rod for the hangers and a shelf above it for boxes or other items.

I had, however, a dream. I had a dream of a beautiful closet with a place for everything and everything in its place. Hoping to make that dream come true sooner rather than later, I had been stalking custom closet organization products; not the expensive, richly-finished, installed-for-you kind, but the kind that consists of wire shelving and drawers along with metal rods at different lengths, sold to regular, good-with-handtools Jacks and Jills for installation on one’s own over a weekend.

Once we found out that we would be receiving a tax refund the following year, I spent a few days designing our perfect closet. One extra long wire shelf would reach from end to end on top of everything. Just under that on Jim’s side, I included double rods halfway across and shelving filling the other half. On my side, I stacked drawers on the left side and then included double rods with the exception of the eight inches closest to the wall. There was only an upper rod there with nothing beneath; THIS would be where I would hang my dresses.

Eight inches of metal rod back then was actually quite generous because I only had a few dresses. I even hung my swimsuit coverup there and still had plenty of room to spare. See?

dress hangers before

Then, in 2011, something switched in my brain and I rediscovered dresses. I wrote about it and you can read it here if you’re interested. Also, a “Ross Dress 4 Less” opened near my house and I can get dresses for less than twenty dollars a piece when I’m lucky. Let me just say I’m lucky a lot.

Suffice it to say that I now have a problem with the dress rod in my closet.

Dresses after

My swimsuit cover-up no longer fits and it, along with a couple of dresses, are squished over on the top rod and they really have no place to go on the bottom. I figure I have a couple of choices. From easiest to most difficult:

1. Get rid of some (more) dresses. I did this a couple of weeks ago, before I took that second picture.
2. Move some dresses to D’s closet where they’ll still be accessible but not clogging up the system in my own closet.
3. Consider re-doing my side of the closet with a longer dress rod.

If you know me, I think you see where I’m going with this. Stay tuned.

*None of my dresses were designed by Halston, by the way. The name just worked with my title. See what I did there?

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  • sylvia joy

    Just get a longer rod to fit your side better to have more choices to wear than the same thing all the time.

    Oh, they have been some cute dresses doesn’t matter where they come from.

    Grandma W