Pet Names

Roxie August 1 2014

Alternate names I have for Roxie, in no particular order:

1. Sissy
2. Mama
3. Mamacita (I don’t know; it just came out one day and stuck)
4. Beebs
5. Baby
6. My Baby
7. Babes
8. Sweets
9. Siouxsie (yes, as in “and the Banshees”)
10. Bougie-Bougie (shut up)
11. Mooshie
12. Mooshie-Booshie

Alternate names Jim has for Roxie, in no particular order:
1. Nothing I can list here because this is a family blog.

He DOES call her those special names with love, which I guess explains why the second he walks in the door, she drops me and my “Bougie-Bougies” like a hot potato and makes a beeline for him.

Leader of the Pack, clearly.

I get it. I think he’s pretty awesome, too.


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