Back To Life, Back To Reality.

The past week was absolutely insane for me, and by “insane” I mean “moderately horrible”. I threw my back out two Saturdays ago doing who-knows-what (I think just walking?). Not knowing how an injury originated, by the way, does make the coping with it worse for me, mentally. I had to replace almost all of my normal activities with things like making sure to take ibuprofen regularly, sitting with a heating pad, laying down more than usual, and generally being miserable and crabby.

It was awful.

One bright spot came at the end of the week when I received a surprise flower arrangement from Kalla and the girls at Chicagonista Live (this post is not sponsored, promise!). Early in the summer I attended the Chicagonista Live show and learned all about Kalla, a new florist in the Chicago area. I fell in love with their arrangements and when asked about my favorite I truly couldn’t decide: I said I’d gladly take any of them!

Kalla Chicago

So late on Friday afternoon after having a terrible week with my back and general feelings of “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS LAYING AROUND, OMG!” it was an amazing surprise to receive the “Rosa and the Artist” arrangement from Kalla, right out of the blue. Kalla arrangements come in huge, beautiful boxes and it is quite the experience to open it all up and find the most beautiful (and whimsical) flowers I’ve ever seen.

Kalla Chicago

Kalla Chicago

Kalla Chicago

Kalla Chicago

So the flowers definitely set the weekend up right.

My back, however, wasn’t impressed. It kept hurting and I was pretty much useless on Saturday. On Saturday night I started suffering from a massive headache on top of everything else. I’m not sure where that came from but I have a feeling that a week of only sleeping three to four hours a night might have caught up with me.

Yesterday I never even got dressed and ended up staying in bed all day long which, if you know me is so incredibly unlike me it’s not even funny. Here’s what I got done yesterday:

1. Nothing.

Actually, not true. I watched a bazillion episodes of “The Cosby Show”, worked on some LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER paperwork, played “Hay Day” a lot, and formulated an essay in my head. I also obsessed over the things I was unable to do. I’m really good at that.

Today though—TODAY!!!—I woke up after sleeping for nearly seven hours (that’s like, TWO NIGHTS’ WORTH!). Although remnants of my headache are still hanging around and my back is at about 95%, I loaded up on ibuprofen and I am pretty excited about today’s possibilities.

Simple pleasures.

If that isn’t a good way to begin a week, then I don’t know what is. Happy Monday!